What do I need to know?
Roller Shade
How do solar-powered products work?
What are the benefits of using solar-powered products?
How long will it take to charge the battery for my Solar-Powered Pergola?
How long will my battery last with continual use?
Can the solar-powered pergola still operate during cloudy days?
When I open the blades of my Solar-Powered Pergola, how much does it stick out the top?
I see that the motor is mounted on top of the pergola. How high does the motor protrude above the pergola?
How long will it take to install my Solar-Powered Pergola?
What surface can I put my Solar-Powered Pergola on?
Can I mount my Solar-Powered Pergola on patio stones or pavers?
How does the Solar-Powered Pergola handle wind?
How does the Solar-Powered Pergola handle snow?
What kind of maintenance should I be aware of?
How should I handle aftercare for my Solar-Powered Pergola?
How does the water drainage work?
Can the Solar-Powered Pergola be attached to a host structure?
You don't have the size I need in your standard sizing. Can I order a custom-made Solar-Powered Pergola?
Is a building permit required?
How long does it take to get my custom pergola?
Can I add screens to the pergola for additional privacy?
What is the fan size?
Can I install Roller Shades on all four sides of my Solar-Powered Pergola?
Does the Roller Shade have to be paried with the pergola? Or can I purchase them seperately?
What is a screen hole size of the standard roller shade?
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